Enhances Erections - DIEM Oil enhances erections by providing better blood circulation to the penis. It does not matter how potent the erection, DIEM can improve the entire experience. That said, the product works especially well for customers who have difficulty obtaining the rock solid erections they should, including aging customers as well as those who want a more solid and less flacid penis.

Penis Lengthening - DIEM Oil is the number 1 selling penis enhancer on the Net. Regular use improves blood flow to the penis, thereby lengthening it. Around one third of a man’s penis is in his body - this can increase or decrease with age. When used in conjunction with penis massages and exercises, such as Jelqing, the penis just grows. Read about Jelqing here.

Better Skin - DIEM Oil is manufactured with the finest ingredients. When used regularly, the penis skin is softer, smoother, and firmer leaving it gorgeous to the touch.

Pleasurable Masturbation - DIEM Oil glides on gorgeously on the penis, providing an awesome masturbation experience, whether you’re flying solo or enjoying yourself with your partner.*

Massage - DIEM Oil’s fantastic effects on blood circulation means it works superbly on the body as a massage aid. Relieve aches and knots quicker. Can be used by amateurs as well as professional massage therapists. Tantric, Swedish, Thai massage techniques work especially well with the oil.

*As DIEM Oil is oil based, we do not recommend it to be used in conjunction with condoms. Always practice safe sex.


Hirudin Extract - Hirudin extract is derived from Hirudo Medicinalis or Medicinal Leeches. Hirudin is a selective thrombin inhibitor, which enhances blood flow and prevents coagulation. Hirudin extract is a proven "anti-coagulant" and is proven to clear any blocked veins. It has recently been identified as a 65-amino acid peptide with antithrombokinase activity. Better blood circulation increases to the volume of blood flowing through the veins along the penis shaft. Hirudin is used to stop blood clotting and relieves pressure due to blood pooling especially in the medical industry. This is what gives DIEM Oil it’s magic!

Coconut Oil or Cocoa Nucifera, is used in the tropics as a massage oil as is proven to leave the skin soft and supple.

Ginger or Zingiberis Officinale, is well known for its analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Ginger is used for the muscular aches, lethargy and helps alleviate poor circulation. 

Candlenut or Aleurites Moluccana, it’s oil is proven to alleviate joint pains. Candlenut oil also soothes irritated, sunburned, or burned skin.

Pepper or Piper Nigrum, is well known for its reputed warming and aphrodisiac effects and is used by many Aromatherapy practitioners to alleviate or reduce particular symptoms of impotence and sexual disharmony.

Ylang-ylang acts an antidepressant, lowers blood pressure and generally act as a nervous sedative. The psychological effect of Ylang-ylang is to soothe troubled minds and spirits, taking away performance pressures by calming the mind and lowering blood pressure and act as a natural nervous sedative.


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Ylang-ylang, Candlenut, Pepper,

Ginger, Coconut


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